Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fanfarlo - Feathers - Chords/Tab/Lesson

This song was a fave off the June Indie/Rock playlist.

verse riff "*" means quickly sweep these notes
G|                         6 6  6("8" sometimes this note instead)
D|6* 6 6 9 9 6 9 6  6* 6 6    6   6
A|7*                7*
Verse Chords: E | C#m
Transition Chords: G# | B
Chorus Chords: E | C#m | G#m | A

One of the best takeaways from this song is the use of the III chord in the transition passage. Usually this would be a iii chord but the substitution provides some extra color and the major tonality is more driving heading into the chorus. Theoretically, you can view this as borrowing from the parallel harmonic minor. In this case the parallel minor of E is C#minor and G# serves as the "V" chord in that key which makes it harmonic minor, rather than natural minor which would use a "v" chord. When used at just the right moment a non-diatonic chord like this can make all the difference.