Saturday, June 30, 2012

Songs to Admire

Stumbled across the monthly indie/rock playlist here, and after checking it out, would definitely say it's one of the best sources for killer tracks that u might otherwise miss out on. It is comprehensive though, with like 150 tracks, so if u don't have time to listen to them all these were some favorites from the March playlist that deserve a place on your mp3 gadgets:

Said The Whale - "Heavy Ceiling"
Little Comets- "Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead Of Night"
Emma Acs - "Green Stars And An Orange Sun"
Bogan Via - "Purple Catacomb"
Bleeding Knees Club - "Teenage Girls"

And finally...overall favorite track with bonus analysis junk for songwriter-y ppl
Evan Voytas - "Feel Me"
*note there are some short passing chords which I denoted with "()" listen to track for timing on those.
Verse Chords: F/C/Gm(F)(/Bb
Chorus Chords: F(C)/Gm(F)/Bb(F)/Bb

Okay a couple cool things going on here we can learn from this song. First, the chorus contains the same chords as the verse, but the harmonic rhythm changes becoming faster. In other words, the Gm chord appears in the third bar in the verse, but in the chorus we've already gotten to it by the second bar. This serves to give a sense of urgency to the part that is fitting for the higher energy a chorus usually needs. Another thing worth mentioning is the bass -- which is basically batshit insane. Better yet, cuz it's badass and he knows it; he holds it back, only letting it loose at just the right moment (the bass doesn't actually enter until 0:53). This is metaphorically like the card shark with an ace in the hole. You don't play it right away just save it till the moment is ripe. That's something to keep in mind if there's a part in a song ur working on that seems really fierce, then maybe restrain from playing it too soon.