Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Songwriting Tip - Syllabic Rhyming Awareness

Working on a recent track and was noticing how important it is to keep some awareness of the number of syllables in ur rhymes if a polished well-crafted touch is needed. For ex, if u look at ur rhyming words and they are all two-syllable words u may have a problem. Things can become too predictable and stale easily if u aren't careful. It can be a good idea to count and make sure there is some variety in the number of syllables that make up each of the rhymes. In addition to making sure the syllable lengths of different rhymes compliment each other, also don't be afraid to use a different number of syllables between two words u are rhyming with each other. For ex, instead of rhyming 'through' with 'do' (each one syllable) try rhyming 'through' with 'pursue' ( one syllable connected to two syllables). There are no real rules here, so just be consciously aware of wht ur doing so that u can mix it up and keep it interesting. FWIW, in the track that brought this concept to mind the rhyming words were originally (trance, chance, romance, glance) and this was changed to (trance, chances, romances, glances). By simply adding an 's' two syllables were formed on some of the words and it becomes a little asymmetrical and makes a huge overall difference in the song well beyond what one simple letter should be able to accomplish.