Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chord Substitutions - Songwriting Lesson

Listening to a lot of music the other day and noticed a couple of songs that repeated the same lyrics w/ the same melody 4 each of the verses. Something seemed different though and after playing through them a couple of times on the guitar figured out that they were using chord substitutions to add depth so that u wouldn't get bored hearing the same lyric/melody repeatedly. Chord substitution just basically involves playing a different chord progression other than what was originally used that the same melody can still fit 2gether with and not sound odd, unless of course odd is what ur going 4. Generally, the substitute chord will have some strong relationship to the original chord, but u don't have to rely on rulez if u just let ur ears be ur guide. If u have any songs that use this repeating lyrics/melody theme give it a go and see what other chords will work over the same lines and u may stumble upon something that adds a little more dimension than repeating the same lyrics, melody, and chords each time around.