Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tightening Up Timing

Recently finished "Creative Guitar" by british guitarist Guthrie Govan which was quite a bit better than your run of the mill guitar book. Here is something he mentions that is good to incorporate into your regimen to tighten up your timing. Instead of always speeding up the metronome and trying to go faster and faster, work from the opposite direction and slow down the metronome. So for example, you would play a riff or progression with the metronome at 120bpm. Then, when your comfortable slow it down to 60bpm however keep playing at the same speed. The only difference will be the clicks will be on every half note instead of quarter note. When you have that so you're right on time then half the tempo again to 30bpm. Now continue playing as if the tempo was still 120bpm and the click will only fall on the first quarter note of each bar. This can help you to keep your internal metronome synched even when you don't have all the clicks to guide you and make everything much tighter when you do have a normal click to work with.