Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Songwriting Tip - Double Rhyme Variation

On the latest track 'Before the Aliens Leave' a technique was used which may b of some benefit if u aren't familiar with it. It's sort of a variation on a 'double-rhyme' which is simply a rhyme where the last 2 syllables rhyme like taking/breaking instead of the typical single last syllable rhyme. In the song something similar was done but the double aspect was created thrU a differnet process. Here is the line in question to make things more apparent (rhymes r underlined 4 clarity):

Before the Aliens Leave
I'll get ya 2 believe me
Before the world becomes undone
And the next one's begun

So 2 summarize on ur second line u simply end with two words in a row that rhyme with the last word of the first line, rather than rhyming only one word. This provides some extra emphasis on the rhyme itself and can bring something unexpected 2 the listener since they r probably not expecting two rhyming words in rapid-fire succession.