Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rhythm Guitar Lesson - Using the 4th

When u have a guitar that's strumming a long to big, fat open chords a nice way 2 build up the arrangement is by having a guitar play some double stops and single note riffs alongside the chordal material. A note that works really well here is the fourth of whatever chord is playing. It provides nice harmonic color but not so much that it starts to throw off the melodies, at least most of the time. If u do notice it drawing yr attention away from the vocal or something more important then it would be wise 2 simplify things. Here is an example riff in Em @ 160bpm that uses the fourth 'A' to get some mojo. Strum an Em chord alongside it and see how it fills things out nicely. Riff - Em 160bpm by galaxyswan