Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reading Rainbow - Wasting Time - Chords and Lesson

Check out 'Wasting Time' by Reading Rainbow it's a real-good feel-good song. If u want 2 strum the guitar a couple of times along w/ it here's the chords:

Verse |C|C|G|G|F|Bb| x 2 (after the second repeat play 2 bars of 'C' which serves as a lead in for the change)

Chorus|F|Am|C|C| x 4 (Wasting Time Part)

Bridge |C|C|F|F|G|G|F|F|

Okay couple of quick things abt this track. They do a little deceptive thing on the verses where it feels like they are going 2 give u an 8 bar progression but since bars 7-8 end on the 'C' chord which is the same as the chord on the opening 2 bars they use it much like a pivot to jump ahead right into a repeat of the verse early. This is a good one 2 add 2 ur bag of tricks. Another thing 2 take note is how they end the song with repeats of the bridge rather than the more traditional approach of ending with repeats of the chorus. These small jabs of unexpected direction allow the song to remain interesting even though they keep things really simple in other ways.