Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guitar Lesson - Half step and Whole Step Bends

A Technique That is really clever 4 guitar solos/riffs is 2 bend up a half step and then follow with a whole step bend. The half step bend and even quarter step bends get overlooked sometimes in favor of the tinnitus-inducing larger interval bends but they really add a lot of color when used appropriately. Here is an example riff thrown 2gether with softube's vintage amp room plugin. Note: b = whole step bend b* = 1/2 step bend s= slide. Just listen to the file for timing 1 time thru is done slowly and once with some tempo. Notice how the half and whole step bends combine 4 some nice flavor. 1/2 n2 whole step bends by galaxyswan

E| 15 12 14b*14 11
B|14b*14 15b15 12 12 12 13s12
G| 14 11b*11 12s14