Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eq and Compression - Which Order?

Been doing some research 2 determine what preference ppl have concerning the order you should place comp/eq on your channel strip. Of course, each situation is unique so there is no setup that works every time. However, a good starting point 4 many situations is to place the eq first when u are cutting frequencies; that way the frequencies you don't like in the first place aren't making the compressor work harder than necessary. Then if there is a frequency that needs boosting you can boost it after so u can be sure the boost is audible and not just getting smashed n 2 compression. So 4 ex. say you want to remove rumble from a vocal and add a little presence. U can put an eq on with high pass set to 100Hz then yr compression and finally another eq after with a little boost in the 3-5kHz area. Should work more times than not, but trust yr ears and if it sound right it is right if not keep experimenting till yr happy w/ it.