Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bandwidth Ducking Tip

Was having trouble getting a shaker 2 not get swallowed up by hte hi-hats n a busy mix and eq was not doing hte trick. So started researching and found this selective bandwidth ducking technique on a logic pro help forum from fader8 that saved hte day. Put a send on hte shaker with unity gain so that it went 2 a bus (volume is all the way down on hte bus so u can't hear n e shaker). Then set up two more busses and set hte output of hte overhead drums 2 go 2 both of them. 1 of hte busses has nothing on it and the other has a linear phase eq with bandpass around hte frequencies that will disappear (so hte shaker can stick out n this frequency pocket) followed by a noise gate and lastly a gain plugin. Set hte sidechain of hte noisegate 2 b hte bus that hte shaker was sent 2 and hit invert phase button on the gain plugin. So what happens is when the shaker isn't playing the overheads play normally thru hte bus with nothing on it (because hte other bus it is being output 2 has a noisegate on it with sidechain set 2 the shaker which is not yet playing) until the shaker hits. Then this triggers the sidechain of the second overhead bus so sound comes out but since it's phase reversed and the eq is only allowing a small frequency range thru this frequency range is ducked on the overheads 4 only hte time that hte shaker is playing. it is more subtle than eq because as soon as hte shaker dies down overheads r again playing at hte full frequency spectrum. Here is a link to hte original post for n e additional clarification u might need