Monday, February 28, 2011

Stellar CM-6 Tube Mic - Review

Recieved a Stellar CM-6 tube mic a few weeks ago and had a chance 2 give it a go. It's inspired by but not a clone of the Neumann U47. So if yr looking for mic that faithfully reproduces that sound it may not be exactly right 4 u. But if u don't care abt how close it is 2 some other mic and just view it as its own thing chances r u will be extremely pleased 2 own 1. Very smooth and neutral sounding with a top end that avoids being dull but doesn't veer into harsh and sibilant territory. And another thing is it takes eq beautifully. Ran it against 3 other mics in a shootout for lead vocal duties on a song and it won hands down. Ebay is abt the only place 2 find them and if u find it hit the buy it now because they seem 2 only be available sporadically and will sell out the day they r listed. Probably 1 of the best mic purchases going from a dollar/value standpoint as it can easily compete w/ mics 3 or 4 times the $350 price tag. So far only had a chance to use it on lead vocals 4 the song 'Signs' so give that a listen if u want 2 hear it n action. It will definitely b getting a lot of use around here.