Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simplifying Musical Changes

Just a little tip here some may find useful. When u r writing a song the number of choices available at any given moment can seem overwhelming. One good way to circumvent this information overload is by viewing the potential choices from a perspective that simplifies them. While it may seem like you have a lot of different options, on a certain level only 2 chord changes can possibly occur: predictable or unpredictable. Simply being consciously aware of how many predictable and unpredictable chords u r using can greatly increase the likelihood that yr song stays on track. Ideally, u want a mix of both. The predictable to bring the listener in with something they r familiar w/ and the unpredictable 2 keep them from becoming bored. So say u have a progression like C/F/Am/G/Em/F/C/G7. These are all predictable chords in the key of C and it's a good idea if u need another section 2 carefully consider adding some spice with an unpredictable chord like Bb or A7, or some other chord that's not entirely diatonic to C. There is no law that u have 2 take the song down one of those sidestreets, but the more predictable the song is the more weight u should give to the idea of venturing n2 more murky waters.