Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puro Instinct - Stilyagi - Tab & Chords

Verse Tab:
E| 7 7 7
G|7 h 9 7 9 7 9 7 9 7 h 9 *h denotes hammer-on

E| 12 12 12
G|12 h 14 12 14 12 14 12 14 12 h 14

Chorus Chords:
|C G|F Am|G|C G|

Solo Chords:
|Em|Em|D|D| x 2

Bridge Chords:

Now 4 a lesson on symmetry based on this song. As we can

see from our tab hte verse arpeggio begins and ends with hte

same two notes. This isn't something that is "necessary" 4 hte

song 2 function, but it does provide an inner beauty 2 the lines

that may not exist otherwise. The ladies n this band further hammer

this point home when they continue this motif n hte chorus.

As u can c, it begins w/ 2 beats of the "C" chord and 2 beats of

the "G" chord and ends with the same. This is an important concept

2 familiarize yourself with if u enjoy making music since u will

come across it often and it can help u sculpt an aesthetically

pleasing sound.