Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Layering Reverbs - Technique

Have been writing songs long enough to develop respectable skills but not producing or mixing for very long, so always searching high and low 4 techniques other mixers and producers graciously share that can help 2 improve song quality. This is one recently stumbled upon that u probably have used b4 but if not give it a go and c if it works 4 u. Set up a vocal track with 3 sends on it to 3 aux busses. Then set up yr favorite reverb on each aux as an insert. Makes sure the reverb signal is 100% wet. On the first aux set the reverb 2 have a short decay, on the second a little longer call it a medium decay time, and on the last buss use an even longer decay time. Now by working the faders on yr aux busses u can have a good deal more control over the character of the reverb than if u just had the vocals feeding a single verb. U could also do variations of this idea such as just the short and long verb or adding a fourth extra long verb, endless possibilities basically.