Thursday, February 24, 2011

Indie Tab Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking...

Heard a couple of songs from the band Gauntlet Hair and was really taken with them. Here is a guitar tab for the reverb lathered masterpiece 'I Was Thinking.'

Verse: *note play chika-chika 16th note funk strums between actual
notes. (/ denotes slide)(h denotes hammer-on)

E|6/13 13 6/13 13 13h15 6/13 13 6666 6/13 13 13h15
B|8/15 15 8/15 15 15 8/15 15 8888 8/15 15 15

repeat this riff until change

B Section:
strum the double stops indicated for the amount of time in
B|8 (2 bars) 4 (2 beats)11 (2 beats)4 (2 beats)11 (2 beats)
G|7 5 12 5 12

Always try 2 take something away u can use when learning a new song.
A good thing u can take from this one is funk style strumming of
two-note chords while dropping the first 16th note as they do in
the chorus. U can then play with this rhythm over different chords
and mix and match it with other rhythms to good effect. Here's an
example of it in practice.
16th funk strum drop the 1 by galaxyswan