Thursday, February 10, 2011

Complex Rhyming Schemes

Almost finished with a new song called "5ig|\|5." Lyrics seem somewhat decent.

Sweetly swaying in the breeze
of dreams and memories
we swore to never love in vain

Long ago before
We landed at earth's door
We planned a private rendevous

Somehow I knew that you would not recall
After we took the fall and all
my tears would burn and stain

Now I don't want to follow signs
Or read between the lines
cause premonitions are too vague

A big reason the lyrics have a nice flow is hte rhyme structure. Here it is 4 yr perusal: aab ccd ddeeeb(* the dd r internal rhymes integral 2 hte rhyme scheme, there is also an extra e internal rhyme not as important but fit it n if u can)fffb

might seem a bit confusing so here r the words matched 2 hte 1etters
a:breeze memories
b:vain stain vague
c:before door
d:rendevous knew you
e:recall fall all
f:I signs lines

hte rhyme scheme helped a lot on this song, so give it a go if u dabble n the dark arts of songcrafting and maybe u'll shape it n2 something u like.