Monday, February 28, 2011

Stellar CM-6 Tube Mic - Review

Recieved a Stellar CM-6 tube mic a few weeks ago and had a chance 2 give it a go. It's inspired by but not a clone of the Neumann U47. So if yr looking for mic that faithfully reproduces that sound it may not be exactly right 4 u. But if u don't care abt how close it is 2 some other mic and just view it as its own thing chances r u will be extremely pleased 2 own 1. Very smooth and neutral sounding with a top end that avoids being dull but doesn't veer into harsh and sibilant territory. And another thing is it takes eq beautifully. Ran it against 3 other mics in a shootout for lead vocal duties on a song and it won hands down. Ebay is abt the only place 2 find them and if u find it hit the buy it now because they seem 2 only be available sporadically and will sell out the day they r listed. Probably 1 of the best mic purchases going from a dollar/value standpoint as it can easily compete w/ mics 3 or 4 times the $350 price tag. So far only had a chance to use it on lead vocals 4 the song 'Signs' so give that a listen if u want 2 hear it n action. It will definitely b getting a lot of use around here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Indie Tab Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking...

Heard a couple of songs from the band Gauntlet Hair and was really taken with them. Here is a guitar tab for the reverb lathered masterpiece 'I Was Thinking.'

Verse: *note play chika-chika 16th note funk strums between actual
notes. (/ denotes slide)(h denotes hammer-on)

E|6/13 13 6/13 13 13h15 6/13 13 6666 6/13 13 13h15
B|8/15 15 8/15 15 15 8/15 15 8888 8/15 15 15

repeat this riff until change

B Section:
strum the double stops indicated for the amount of time in
B|8 (2 bars) 4 (2 beats)11 (2 beats)4 (2 beats)11 (2 beats)
G|7 5 12 5 12

Always try 2 take something away u can use when learning a new song.
A good thing u can take from this one is funk style strumming of
two-note chords while dropping the first 16th note as they do in
the chorus. U can then play with this rhythm over different chords
and mix and match it with other rhythms to good effect. Here's an
example of it in practice.
16th funk strum drop the 1 by galaxyswan

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simplifying Musical Changes

Just a little tip here some may find useful. When u r writing a song the number of choices available at any given moment can seem overwhelming. One good way to circumvent this information overload is by viewing the potential choices from a perspective that simplifies them. While it may seem like you have a lot of different options, on a certain level only 2 chord changes can possibly occur: predictable or unpredictable. Simply being consciously aware of how many predictable and unpredictable chords u r using can greatly increase the likelihood that yr song stays on track. Ideally, u want a mix of both. The predictable to bring the listener in with something they r familiar w/ and the unpredictable 2 keep them from becoming bored. So say u have a progression like C/F/Am/G/Em/F/C/G7. These are all predictable chords in the key of C and it's a good idea if u need another section 2 carefully consider adding some spice with an unpredictable chord like Bb or A7, or some other chord that's not entirely diatonic to C. There is no law that u have 2 take the song down one of those sidestreets, but the more predictable the song is the more weight u should give to the idea of venturing n2 more murky waters.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Galaxy Swan - Signs

Signs by galaxyswan Took a trip with Kubla Kahn 2 Xanadu and all we got was this lousy 50|\|9. Cheers.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Complex Rhyming Schemes

Almost finished with a new song called "5ig|\|5." Lyrics seem somewhat decent.

Sweetly swaying in the breeze
of dreams and memories
we swore to never love in vain

Long ago before
We landed at earth's door
We planned a private rendevous

Somehow I knew that you would not recall
After we took the fall and all
my tears would burn and stain

Now I don't want to follow signs
Or read between the lines
cause premonitions are too vague

A big reason the lyrics have a nice flow is hte rhyme structure. Here it is 4 yr perusal: aab ccd ddeeeb(* the dd r internal rhymes integral 2 hte rhyme scheme, there is also an extra e internal rhyme not as important but fit it n if u can)fffb

might seem a bit confusing so here r the words matched 2 hte 1etters
a:breeze memories
b:vain stain vague
c:before door
d:rendevous knew you
e:recall fall all
f:I signs lines

hte rhyme scheme helped a lot on this song, so give it a go if u dabble n the dark arts of songcrafting and maybe u'll shape it n2 something u like.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Layering Reverbs - Technique

Have been writing songs long enough to develop respectable skills but not producing or mixing for very long, so always searching high and low 4 techniques other mixers and producers graciously share that can help 2 improve song quality. This is one recently stumbled upon that u probably have used b4 but if not give it a go and c if it works 4 u. Set up a vocal track with 3 sends on it to 3 aux busses. Then set up yr favorite reverb on each aux as an insert. Makes sure the reverb signal is 100% wet. On the first aux set the reverb 2 have a short decay, on the second a little longer call it a medium decay time, and on the last buss use an even longer decay time. Now by working the faders on yr aux busses u can have a good deal more control over the character of the reverb than if u just had the vocals feeding a single verb. U could also do variations of this idea such as just the short and long verb or adding a fourth extra long verb, endless possibilities basically.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puro Instinct - Stilyagi - Tab & Chords

Verse Tab:
E| 7 7 7
G|7 h 9 7 9 7 9 7 9 7 h 9 *h denotes hammer-on

E| 12 12 12
G|12 h 14 12 14 12 14 12 14 12 h 14

Chorus Chords:
|C G|F Am|G|C G|

Solo Chords:
|Em|Em|D|D| x 2

Bridge Chords:

Now 4 a lesson on symmetry based on this song. As we can

see from our tab hte verse arpeggio begins and ends with hte

same two notes. This isn't something that is "necessary" 4 hte

song 2 function, but it does provide an inner beauty 2 the lines

that may not exist otherwise. The ladies n this band further hammer

this point home when they continue this motif n hte chorus.

As u can c, it begins w/ 2 beats of the "C" chord and 2 beats of

the "G" chord and ends with the same. This is an important concept

2 familiarize yourself with if u enjoy making music since u will

come across it often and it can help u sculpt an aesthetically

pleasing sound.