Sunday, January 30, 2011

Toro Y Moi - Still Sound Tab & Chords

Toro Y Moi has an album coming out soon liking hte feel of it so f4r.Here's the main bass riff that repeats w/ slight variations 4 most of hte song:

A| /10 *slide down
E|8 86 44 xx 6 88 86 44

4 the verse there r some very sparse root/5th guitar hits
that go along with hte bass riff revealing hte chords Cm, Ab, &Bb.
He also likes 2 play a couple of quick B6 chord strums on hte last
eight-note b4 hte riff repeats.

Section Change
"It was a finer life..." 8 bars of Bb
"alone..." |Cm|Cm|Fm|Eb|

Main riff 4 next 16 bars

"It was a finer life..." This time only 4 bars of Bb
"Cuz I don't..." |Cm|Cm|Fm|Bb| x 2

Musical Bridge |Fm|Fm|Ab|Bb| x 2
oooh...|Fm|Fm|Bb|Bb| until main riff resumes.

Now 4 a quick lesson. The coolest part of the song is how on hte
second time he plays hte Bb change it shortens to 4 bars and brings
us 2 the Cm sooner. This provides forward motion in a way that is
strangely both subtle and dramatic. This is a sleight of hand that
any songwriter can use to spice up an arrangement if it begins
2 feel stale and predictable.