Saturday, January 15, 2011

Focus and Priority in Songwriting

These are the basic elements of songcraftiness: melody, harmony, rhythym, lyrics, structure (also perhaps tempo variance and dynamic variance but irrelevant for modern music since they have been all but eradicated). When sum 1 is attempting to shape these elements logically n 2 what we call a song it is done with the understanding that they should have a heirarchical relation 2 each other. Priority, not always, but generally is based on the genre of music. e.g. folk music typically places lyrics at a higher priority than dance music where the rhythym is usually more important. 2 ignore this will be a detriment to n e musical composition. If u disagree try writing a song where the lyrics are challenging and complex; the melody intricate with a wide note span; the harmony rich and full of harmonic surprises; the rhythym syncopated and driving; and the structure takes many twists and turns. U will quickly realize ur song sux. 2 avoid this disaster decide b4 or as yr writing a song what element is most important, second in importance, etc. and sculpt the song so each element understands it's role and fulfills it. Otherwise u will get the musical equivalent of a room full of voices shouting @ the top of their lungs 4 the listeners attention simultaneously and human attention span is limited so this is not desirable.