Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ariel Pink Round and Round Lesson #1

Tried putting this 2gether but is more info than a single lesson can cover, so breaking it up like Lykke Li. First thing 2 note is how the title is worked n2 the music. U c this n the intro chords which indeed go round and round in an interesting kind of way. This theme continues 4 the verse as the riff doesn't move anywhere harmonically just keeps cycling between the same few notes like on a merry-go-round. He does it again brilliantly when it's chorus time he hits the word "hold" on a held upbeat. If u imagine ne other word n that spot u can feel the drama that this specific word choice provides. Try singing it while changing the word to come on instead of hold on and the difference is obvious. Other more overdone examples of this technique include having the music stop when the lyric has the word "stop" or "quit" and singing high notes on a word like "up." Basically the idea is 2 analyze your lyric and musical choices and make sure there is some synergy involved. Also this is the kind of spice that a little goes a long way overdo it and it will hurt yr songs more than u help. On the next part we'll look at the wonderous world of the invisible chord.