Sunday, December 26, 2010

Melodyne vs. Autotune 7

Have had various versions of autotune so feel pretty comfortable with what it is and what it can do. But kept hearing about Melodyne so tried the demo and ended up getting the editor version. For speed and effects Autotune 7 still gets the call, but 4 more than basic pitch tightening Melodyne with its editor friendly but terribly named "blobs" is beast. Not only that but u can work on polyphonic and rhythmic material as well. Even creating entirely new harmonies out of pre-recorded material is possible. Autotune does have a graphic mode where u can get under the hood, so to speak, but it is far from user friendly. The only downside to Melodyne so far has been the steep learning curve and it is more time-consuming than autotune. Investing some time in learning how to run Melodyne seems the way 2 go since it will pay huge dividends down the road in increased flexibility and creativity. Autotune still has its niche though as it's a good option when yr pressed 4 time or only need light correcting on a few notes. So having access 2 both is ideal, but if u have 2 choose between them Melodyne is probably the best bet. Bonus tip: holding the alt key while editing in melodyne is like magic allowing u to move things freely however u want.