Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LCR Panning

Feel like the LCR panning approach has become very beneficial to our songs. Here is a good description of the technique from

For those that don't know, LCR mixing refers to a style of mixing where there is no "in-between" panning; everything is either hard left, center, or hard right. This came from the consoles of the 70s' bussing schemes (specifically Neves and APIs, I believe), where your pan pot is switched in, meaning you have to press a button to engage it, and doing so affects the sound (generally in a negative way). Most engineers instead opted to use the buss matrix to assign the tracks to the "mix buss Left", "mix buss Right", or "mix buss Left and Right" (which would put in the Center).

Hope that made sense....anyway...

The approach requires a slightly different take on processing, including EQ, compression, reverb, everything really. I tend towards more mono verbs (usually panned center), and, if I'm summing ITB, I find myself using broader strokes in the lower midrange for more "glue".